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Long Term Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Long Term Drug Rehabilitation program

Long term drug rehabilitation can give you the hope and tools you need to recover successfully.

Long term drug rehab programs provide patients with a safe, secure environment where there is plenty of time for recovery.  These programs usually last a period of at least a year but may provide treatment and even residential housing for the patient for a period of up to two years or more.  Depending on the level of addiction and the severity of the addiction, some patients will benefit much more from the time that is given in these long term drug rehabilitation programs versus a short term or standard program which typically does not last more than a year and in many cases lasts only 90 days.

Long term drug rehab programs provide patients adequate time to heal and to get used to recovery prior to being released from the program to deal with their recovery on their own.  Unlike short term drug rehab programs which do not always provide patients with adequate time to fully integrate into a life of recovery, long term drug rehabilitation programs allow patients to embark on the recovery journey and to cope with additional thoughts or feelings of recovery along the way which being constantly guided in the right direction.

Benefits of Long Term Drug Rehabilitation Programs vs. Short Term Programs

There are many benefits to choosing long term drug rehab over short term programs for rehabilitation, but this does not mean that long term drug rehab programs are ideal for every type of individual suffering from addiction.  For patients whose addictions are relatively mild or for those who respond well to outpatient care or other less invasive types of treatment, long term drug rehab could be overwhelming and may even be an overkill.  However, for those who have tried other rehabilitation programs in the past and have continued to abuse drugs or alcohol, a long term program may be the answer to their problems.

Long term drug rehabilitation programs provide more time than short term programs which means that the patient can actually get used to being sober before they go on to do so on their own without the counseling and support that they receive in treatment.  Additionally, because long term drug rehab programs allow such a long time for the patient to recover and to heal, these programs are typically more effective and have a higher success rate than short term rehabilitation programs.

Long term drug rehab programs provide a safe and clean environment for patients to detox, get counseling and therapy and to heal on a spiritual, emotional and physical aspect.  Unlike short term rehab programs which may push this process along, long term drug rehab programs allow patients to recover at their own pace sometimes spending more time in detox or speeding right through into counseling and therapy that is effective at helping the patient to heal from a psychological aspect.