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Drug Rehabilitation Programs

Drug Rehabilitation

There are a variety of different types of drug rehabilitation programs.

Various drug rehabilitation programs exist to help patients who are addicted to drugs such as cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, heroin or prescription medications.  Regardless of the type of drug that an individual is addicted to one or many different drug rehabilitation programs may be a suitable choice based largely on the individual needs of the patient including medical needs, physical needs and even financial needs. Below is a look at some additional information about drug rehabilitation programs.

Christian Rehabilitation

Christian rehabilitation programs provide a faith based approach to addiction treatment that focuses the entire treatment process on recovery with God by our side.  Using God as a higher power and recognizing the power of faith in recovery, Christian rehabilitation programs help patients to heal and take control of their lives and sobriety.

Drug Abuse Rehabilitation

Drug abuse rehabilitation programs are available to help those who may not require an inpatient rehabilitation program but who do suffer from drug abuse.  Different from addiction which is a more in depth and dangerous form of drug use, drug abuse can still cause many problems and concerns for the patient.  With the help of drug abuse rehabilitation programs there is a good chance that those who are abusing drugs and who seek help will not one day fall victim to drug addiction.

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Many addicts suffer from a combination of both drug and alcohol addiction.  For those who need help for drug addiction and alcohol addiction at the same time, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs provide the solution.  These programs incorporate counseling and therapy that is focused on treating drug and alcohol addiction related issues at the same time to help the recovering addict overcome these dangerous conditions and move forward with sobriety.

Free Drug Rehabilitation

Some patients simply cannot afford treatment for drug addiction no matter how badly they wish they could.  Free drug rehabilitation programs help patients who can’t afford treatment to get the help and support that they need to recover.  Many free drug rehabilitation programs exist including community funded programs, religiously funded programs and mutual support groups such as AA, NA or CA.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Inpatient drug rehabilitation programs provide around-the-clock medical monitoring and care in a controlled facility where patients are heavily restricted from the use of drugs or alcohol.  These programs provide a safe environment for patients to recover without the worry of being subjected to outside pressures or similar situations that could cause them to relapse and abuse drugs.

Long Term Drug Rehabilitation

Long term drug rehabilitation programs span a length of at least 6 months and can often last up to two years.  These programs are similar to inpatient rehab programs or residential programs and provide safe housing, meals and counseling to assist in recovery.  Long term drug rehabilitation programs are best suited to those who have severe addictions to drugs or for those who have already tried other treatment programs and have failed.

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Outpatient drug rehabilitation programs provide outpatient care for patients who may have already received inpatient drug treatment or whose addictions are not severe enough to warrant inpatient treatment.  These programs provide significantly less support and medical monitoring than inpatient drug rehabilitation programs but they are an excellent choice for many recovering addicts to continue their treatment plan.

Private Drug Rehabilitation

Private drug rehabilitation programs place their focus on keeping the treatment and rehabilitation of the patient confidential.  These programs are best suited for those who do not wish to have their private situations disclosed or for those who are looking for the most private type of drug rehabilitation available.  Many performance stars business professionals choose this type of drug rehab.

Residential Drug Rehabilitation

Residential drug rehabilitation programs are suited to those who require extended treatment and care and who will likely be in treatment for a period of at least 90 days.  Most residential drug rehabilitation programs last at least 90 days because this is the length of time that has been outlined to be the most effective at treating those with addiction to drugs or alcohol.  Residential drug rehabilitation programs offer significant monitoring, support, counseling and care for the duration of treatment.