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Christian Rehabilitation

 Drug Rehabilitation

Christian drug rehabilitation can be a way to use faith during recovery.

For those who are already firmly set in their Christian values and ways of living, Christian rehabilitation programs provide a safe, clean and spiritually rewarding environment where those suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol can get the help they need on both a physical and a spiritual level.  These programs are open to  those who are already part of the Christian religion as well as to those who are interested in accepting God and in learning the Christian principles and teachings of the Bible.  During Christian rehabilitation, patients will undergo detox, counseling and therapy to aid them in overcoming addiction once and for all.

Christian Rehabilitation Programs Have Faithful Staff Members

A faithful and care staff team is the foundation to any Christian rehabilitation program.  When you enter into treatment for addiction, the staff members of the facility are who you will spend the majority of your time with and this is why it is so important to have a caring, faithful team on your side.  Christian rehabilitation centers usually include priests or pastors who either remain at the facility on call or who visit regularly to speak with patients, provide sermons and to offer spiritual guidance in any way that they can at the facility.

Christian rehabilitation counselors have their roots in Christianity as well.  Because the staff members of most Christian rehabilitation programs are so deeply rooted in their faith, you can expect to spend much of your time during the program talking with others about the Bible, the teachings of the book and on reflecting on changes to be made.

What to Expect

Christian rehabilitation programs utilize Christianity in every aspect of the treatment process.  Daily prayer, sermons and spiritual guidance is offered to those in treatment.  Additionally, you will be given adequate time to reflect on your past and present as well as on any of the teachings each day.  Prayer and blessings are shared before each meal and throughout the entire program Christian values are incorporated into daily activities, counseling and routines.

While this type of rehab is not for everyone, Christian rehabilitation programs have been proven effective for those who are already deeply seated in their Christian ways and who wish to seek help in an environment where there are others who share in their beliefs.  Regardless of the type of addiction an individual suffers from, the length of time they have been addicted or the severity of their addiction, Christian rehabilitation programs can assist them in making a full recovery by restoring their faith in God and in themselves.