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What is Drug Rehabilitation?

Drug Rehabilitation

Are you wondering what drug rehabilitation is all about?

Are you wondering just exactly what drug rehabilitation is and how it can help you or a loved one overcome addiction?  Drug rehabilitation is the process of effectively providing a patient with detox, counseling, therapy and aftercare so that they are no longer physically or psychologically dependent on drugs or alcohol.  There are many different types of drug rehabilitation but the two most common types of programs include inpatient drug rehab and outpatient drug rehab.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

During inpatient drug rehabilitation the patient enters into a controlled facility where treatment is provided around-the-clock under close supervision and care.  These programs provide the most profound level of support and monitoring and require the patient to live in the treatment facility for the duration of the program which is typically a period of at least 4 weeks but more often 90 days or more.

Inpatient drug rehab programs provide housing, meals and medical care as well as counseling and therapy sessions to the patient.  During the inpatient drug rehabilitation program the patient will remain in the treatment facility day and night and every minute of their day will be focused on recovery.  There are no stressors such as friends or work or other issues pertaining to the world outside of treatment so the focus can truly be on recovery.

Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation

Outpatient drug rehabilitation is ideal for those who have minor addictions or for those who have already completed an inpatient drug rehabilitation program with a successful outcome and just need to further their addiction treatment. These programs do not provide around-the-clock medical care or support but they do provide counseling and therapy during normal business hours.

Outpatient drug rehab programs are far less invasive than inpatient programs and can be a very beneficial form of treatment for many individuals who suffer from addiction.  Outpatient drug rehab programs offer counseling and therapy that is helpful for patients and provides them with the support necessary to overcome addiction and any other psychological aspects surrounding their mental health.  While these programs do not offer constant supervision, they can provide just the right level of monitoring for a recovering addict who has already received inpatient treatment or for those whose addictions are not out of control yet.

Who Needs Drug Rehabilitation?

If you or someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol and has tried to stop drinking or abusing drugs on your own but you have not been able to then it’s time to seek help.  Drug rehabilitation is not something to be ashamed of, it’s a place where you can get the help and support you need to successfully overcome addiction and take back control of your life.