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Drug Rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation services need to meet your individual needs.

Many different services are provided by drug rehabilitation facilities throughout the country in an effort to assist patients with making a full and complete recovery from addiction.  The services that you receive when in treatment will vary and depend on the type of addiction you suffer from, the budget that you have allotted to treatment and various other factors.  Some of the most common drug rehabilitation services that you can expect at just about any drug rehab facility include:  individual counseling, group counseling, educational support and medical care.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling services provide patients with a safe atmosphere where they can get therapeutic care and counseling from a therapist on an individual, one-on-one basis.  These sessions allow the patient to discuss personal issues related to their addiction as well as various other problems or concerns that they may have.  Individual counseling is usually paired with group counseling but in some cases individual counseling is the only type of counseling that is needed for the patient.  It’s important to talk openly with your therapist during your counseling session and to do your best to “let it all out” as this will greatly reduce your chance of allowing these problems to fester and cause concern for you again later in life.

Group Counseling

During group counseling sessions a group of addicts come together to discuss addiction and recovery under the moderation and supervision of a therapist.  These sessions are open to anyone interested in taking part and have a strict rule that there is no finger pointing during the session.  What this means is that those in recovery can openly discuss their recovery goals, concerns and other factors without fear of another member of the group having negative things to say about them or to them.  Group counseling, paired with individual counseling, provides the foundation for recovery.

Educational Support

Many drug rehabilitation programs provide educational support to help those in recovery to better understand their addiction as well as to learn about various other facets of life.  The goal of educational support is to empower the recovering addict to make better, more educated decisions regarding their treatment and various other areas of their lives.  Educational support programs also help the addict to more effectively integrate into the world once they have completed their treatment and recovery program.

Medical Care

Most drug rehabilitation programs provide at least some type of medical care, especially inpatient programs.  The type and level of care provided will depend on the type of facility but most rehab facilities at least provide a nurse that can monitor vitals and recognize the need for additional treatment or hospitalization should it arise.  Medical care is a vital part of addiction recovery as the addict must heal physically in order to continue toward their long term recovery goals.

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