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Cost of Drug Rehabilitation

Drug Rehabilitation

The cost of drug rehabilitation will need to fit your budget.

If you’re trying to figure out what the cost of drug rehabilitation will be then it’s important to consider the many different factors that can make these costs go up, or go down.  For instance, the cost of drug rehab will differ greatly from one program to the next but even for the same program, costs can increase based on medications, level of care needed, number of counseling sessions and various other factors.  Here’s a look at the many factors that go into determining the cost of drug rehabilitation and also how you can keep costs down for your own treatment.


The location of a drug rehabilitation facility can either increase, or decrease the cost of the program significantly.  For instance, in areas where the need for drug rehab is high, costs may be higher than in areas where the need is significantly lower.  Additionally, some areas have higher costs associated with rehab programs due to their proximity to the beach or the mountains or other picturesque areas of the country.  Furthermore, if you are attending outpatient treatment then the location in which you must visit should be close to home to reduce your costs associated with travel to or from the facility.

Length of the Program

Longer drug rehab programs typically cost more than short programs but this is not always the case.  Some rapid programs or fast tracked drug rehabilitation programs can be just as costly as longer programs but they only span a period of 28 days.  In most cases, if you attend a long term drug rehabilitation program them you will likely have increased costs associated with supervision which in the program, medical care, meals, counseling and other services received while in treatment.

Type of Program

There are many different types of drug rehabilitation programs available to provide effective treatment and care for those suffering from addiction.  The most common types of rehab include inpatient or outpatient rehab.  Inpatient rehab provides housing and meals while the patient receives treatment and is typically most costly than outpatient rehab.  Additionally, many inpatient rehab programs feature specialized treatment packages such as equine therapy, art therapy or luxury accommodations all of which can significantly increase the overall cost of treatment.

Medical Needs

Finally, your own individual medical needs may increase the total cost of treatment.  For instance, if you suffer from diabetes or a heart condition, you have co-occurring mental health conditions which must be treated or you have another health condition in addition to your addiction then your cost of rehabilitation will likely be higher than the cost to rehabilitate an individual who is otherwise healthy.  It’s important that you get the medical care that you need so never hide medical issues in an effort to reduce costs as this can be dangerous to your own health and could prove to be counterproductive to your recovery efforts.